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      HOME > Company > Introduction

      Our Company’s strength is collective capability.

      Our company started daily necessaries manufacture and sale manufacturer in 1972. Since its inauguration, we have been developing and promoting our product and operating logistics by ourselves. All members work hard together, inspire each other every day for ‘comfortable life’.

      Product Development Team

      This team develops and stocks products. In this diversifying society, we always grasp customer’s needs and we put all effort to create the ideal products.

      Promotion Team

      This team brings ideas to clients and corporate with them to create even better products.

      Logistics Operating Team

      We put our effort to deliver our products correctly to customers as soon as possible.

      System and Managing Team

      This team grasps each team’s situation and proposes plans to make our company better. Also they develop their own systems for other teams to make their strength even stronger.

      『Dispatch a New Conception』
      We never stop creating newer & better ideas and things and always face to them and find the answer.

      We have been selling our products to Co-op and mail order company for long time and we explored the way to the internet shopping business. We don’t hesitate to challenge new things and always seek for new ideas with times without being stuck with old ideas. We have failed many times in the past and maybe we will in the future as well. However, we always challenge ourselves, put a lot of efforts & times, think hard, struggle and fail again and again. We never give up making the best products. This is our principle.